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Your First Port of Call - General Practitioners with a rich experience of a wide variety of common ailments - Common Cold, Diarrhoea, Fever,etc.

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Specialist/Second Opinion

Doctors of a Specific Domain such as Orthopaedics, Cardiology, Gynaecology,etc. Curated and well Established Specialists

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In case of an Emergency, please contact Your Assigned Company Health Coordinator. We will immediately connect you to a Critical Care Doctor and arrange your admission.

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why us

Carefully Curated Doctors

250+ Years of Collective HealthCare Experience.

At CritiMeds Consult, we take pride in delivering quality outcome to our patients. Our Platform is designed and curated by healthcare professionals who are on a mission to make the world a better place.

Physical Plus Digital

Unlike competition, our secret formula is to combine the best of both the world - Physical and Digital. We are the only company to offer Offline Component ( Hospital & Critical Care Beds) in India - this make us unique and differentiated from rest of the competition.

Unique Handholding Experience

Whether it is Primary Health, Specialist Care or Critical Care, we handhold our patients at each and every touch point while interacting with the system. We believe in total care hence we connect your loved ones sitting in remote locations via our platform.

One Stop Healthcare

CritiMeds Consult connects the entire health ecosystem together – patients, doctors, pharmacy, diagnostics, clinics, hospitals and other partners, to generate exceptional value and service for all, esp. the end consumers.

CritiMeds Consult is your Complete Health Platform.

" Mission is to Save Lives and Close the gaps of Trust and Quality between Healthcare Providers and the Care Seekers by Enabling Accessibility to our Curated Healthcare Platform."

  • Primary
  • Specialist
  • Emergency
  • Pharmacy
    & Labs

How it Works?

  • Login with Your UHID/ Employee Code
  • Fill in Your Symptoms and Medical Information
  • Choose Your Doctor and Click on Request Appointment. Click on " Need Coordinator" if required
  • You will receive a date and time of Appointment. Login for Video Consultation at that time. Coordinator at Consultation is optional.
  • After Consultation download your prescription and click on lab/ pharmacy if you want Investigations or Medicines at home.
  • For further Consults, your records are saved and can be retrieved at any time.